The Midland Chow Chow Club Year Books were published in 1947 (vol. 1) and 1948 (vol. 2) and written by Mr Owen Grindey. Unfortunately, they are no longer available for sale from the Club itself, but you may be lucky enough to find a old copy on Internet. They are invaluable resources for the Breed History.

Midland Chow Chow Club Year Book 1947, vol. 1
Content :

Champion Choonam Hung Kwong Trophy
Our Lost Leaders
Lady Faudel-Phillips and the Amwell kennels
The "Choonams"
The "Mulfras"
More on the "Mulfras" and their owner
The Chow Chow Standard
Official Standard of Points
Early Blue Chows
Early notes on Chows in Britain
Preparation and handling of a Chow for Show
Chow Chow Lines and Families
Rules relating to Stud Book Entries and the title of Champion
Challenge Certificate Winners
List of Dog Certificate winners
List of Bitch Certificate winners
Breeders of Challenge Certificate winners at end of 1940
Breeders of Champions
The Club's War-time Shows
Cetificate Winners of 1946
Chow Chow Affix Prefixes of today
Rules and Regulations, Midland Chow Chow Club
List of Bona-fide Members
Winners of the Annual Trophies 1946

Pictures included :

Ch Choonam Hung Kwong Trophy
Mrs. Ella Casella
Ch Pu Yi of Amwell
Ch Pusa of Amwell
Ch Li Chin of Amwell
Ch Yung Cheng of Amwell
Ch Pu Yi of Amwell
Ch Choonam Moonbeam
Ch Choonam Hung Kwong
Ch Choonam Brilliantine
Ch Mulfra Bunty
Ch Mulfra Rachel
Mulfra Baroness
Ch Mulfra Blossom
Ch Mulfra Marguerite
Mulfra Ning Ning
Ch Mulfra Myrtle
Ch Mulfra Betty
Ch Mulfra Connie
Ch Mulfra Zula
Mulfra Sarahb
Mulfra Zambo
Ch Rochow Akbella
Ch Rochow Dragoon
Ch Rochow Adjutant
Ch Sabu
Ch Viking of Barwick
Miss M. L. Bird's Ch Peach of Silverway
Ch Una So Sweet
Li Che of Treebrigg
Lintalee Heatherbelle
Ch Anthea of Barwick
Ch Akbar and Ch Chefoo
A group of Adel Chows

Midland Chow Chow Club Year Book 1948, vol. 2
Content :

"To a Dog"
Notes on Some of the Old 'Uns
Mrs Scaramanga's Chows
Twenty Years in the Show Ring
The Amwell Chows
Anatomy and the Chow
Key to Diagrams
Beginners, Please !
Reflections on the Chow Registers
Some Notable Stud Dogs
Challenge Certificate Winners in each Line and Family
Sires of Chow Chow Challenge Certificate Winners
Dam of Challenge Certificate Winners
Show Records, 1947
Kennel Club Stud Book Entries, 1947
Challenge Certificate Winners, 1947
Amendment of Club Rules and Regulations
Annual Trophies for 1947
Balance Sheet, 1947-1948
Names and Adressed of Members
Key to References

Pictures included :

Ch Foo Kwhy
Ch Red Craze
Lu Chin Kwhy
"Four Champions"
Ch Crazy of Newlands
Ch Sun-Nee Kwhy
Ted-Di of Newlands
Ch The Lotus Flower
Ch Choonam Brilliantine
Ch Choonam Fang Yin
Ch Bluet
Ch Su of Amwell
Ch Wan Li of Amwell
Ch Pu An of Amwell
Ch Chang Fu of Amwell
Vlack Sou of Li Moon
Wigwam Wu Wang
Ch Hildewell Chincherinchee
Ch Chu Chow of Amwell
Ch Pusawanli
Ch You Si
Ch Lodmore Ching, Petraco, Peter's Pride, Petrowna
Ch Ragavrno
Li Po
Ch Rochow Diadem
Ch Kowa Seke
Taon Kwong
More pictures included :

Ch Duchess of Nona
Ch Choonam To To
Ch Choonam Sun Fang
Choonam Chong Li
Choonam Moon Fang
Ch Choonam Ho Tung
Dido Queen of Carthage
Gai Yuk of Ttiweh
Ch Choonam Hung Kwong
Choonam Shen Lung and Choonam Yu-Shi
Ch Choonam Hai Che
Ch Choonam Kwong Che
Chuchin Bickee
Ch Choonam To To and Ch Choonam Moonbeam
Ch Choonam Mong Yen
Ch Li Wu Tah
Ch Great Westwood Black Pansy
Ch Ts'ai Ting of Kin-Shan
Gem of Kin-Shan
Blue Yu Chi of Amerden
Ch Choonam Mo Fan
Padua's Anton of Kenway
Ch Ku-Ti of Subortna
Brutus of Ho-Ping
Lu Sing of Ho Tung
Chuchin Wong
Ch Mei of Adlung

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