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Midland Chow Chow Club

       [o] 29th September 2022 (Open)

       [o] 17th July 2022 (COTYS)

       [o] 13th February 2022 (Open + AGM)

       [o] 16th February 2020 (Open + AGM)


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       [o] 28th November 2021 (Champ)

       [o] 25th September 2021 (Champ)

Midland Chow Chow Club

         Midland Chow Chow Club

       [o] 24th November 2019 (Champ)

       [o] 21st July 2019 (Open)

       [o] 17th February 2019 (Open + AGM)

       [o] 25th November 2018 (Champ)

       [o] 22nd July 2018 (Open)

       [o] 18th February 2018 (Open + AGM)

       [o] 26th November 2017 (Champ)

       [o] 16th July 2017 (Open)

       [o] 19th February 2017 (Open + AGM)

       [o] 27th November 2016 (Champ)

       [o] 24th July 2016 (Open + event)

       [o] 14th February 2016 (Open)

       [o] 29th November 2015 (Champ)

       [o] 19th July 2015 (Open)

       [o] 15th February 2015 (Open)

       [o] 30th November 2014 (Champ)

       [o] 20th July 2014 (Open)

       [o] 16th February 2014 (Open/AGM)

       [o] 24th November 2013 (Open)

       [o] 21st July 2013 (COTYS/Open)

       [o] 17th February 2013 (Open)

       [o] 25th November 2012 (Champ)

       [o] 15th July 2012 (Open)

       [o] 12th February 2012 (Open/AGM)

       [o] 27th November 2011 (Champ)

       [o] 17th July 2011 (Open)

       [o] 13th February 2011 (Open)

       [o] 28th November 2010 (Champ)

       [o] 18th July 2010 (Open)

       [o] 14th February 2010 (Open)

       [o] 29th November 2009 (Champ)

       [o] 19th July 2009 (Open)

       [o] 15th February 2009 (Open)

       [o] 30th November 2008 (Champ)

       [o] 20th July 2008 (Open)

       [o] 10th February 2008 (Open)

       [o] 25th November 2007 (Champ)

       [o] 23rd September 2007 (Open)

       [o] 18th February 2007 (Open)

       [o] 26th November 2006 (Champ)

       [o] 23rd July 2006 (Open)

       [o] 19th February 2006 (Open)

Midland Chow Chow Club

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